Farrah Abraham Slammed for Giving Daughter Sophia Stack of Cash From Tooth Fairy

Surprise, surprise--another day, another controversy involving ex-Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham. This time, it's about her more-than-generous gift for her seven-year-old daughter Sophia Abraham when she lost a tooth.

It seems like the tooth fairy may pick favorites. The average kid gets less than $10 for a lost tooth, but little Sophia got roses and a stack of cash. While the cash appears to only be ones from the photo, who's to say there aren't some larger bills hidden underneath?

"Wtf!!!! Pathetic," one commented on the post. Another wrote, "What’s going to happen with the money runs out and this child still expects to be spooked? This is just sad."

However, the internet seems to be going a little too hard on the young girl. This reaction also likely stems from the fact that this isn't Abraham's first time in the spotlight for tooth fairy drama.

In 2015, when Sophia lost her two front teeth, Farrah was rumored to gift her over $1000 from "the tooth fairy." This sparked a similar controversy which is being brought up again in light of the most recent installment.

We sort of have the same sentiments. However, many came to Sophia's defense. "[I]t’s Farrah’s money if she wants to spoil her damn kid then she can she doesn’t have to ask for permission,” said one user on the post.

Farrah's parenting methods are constantly under fire, and we're sure she won't be making her way out of the spotlight anytime soon.