Farrah Abraham Defends Posting Video of 9-Year-Old Daughter Sophia in Underwear

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has not shied away from all the drama and the spotlight following being fired from the MTV series. Instead, the mother-of-one has sparked various controversies, gotten into a bit of legal trouble, joined another reality TV series, and most recently, started her own sex therapy appropriately titled "Farraphy."

But Farrah most notoriously garners attention when it comes to her nine-year-old daughter Sophia. While the TV personality has gotten called out multiple times in the past for allowing her young daughter to be around for her various procedures, as well as when taking NSFW photos, the newest criticism comes from a slightly inappropriate video.

Taking to Snapchat, Farrah absentmindedly posted a video in which Sophia is seen dancing in a Calvin Klein underwear and bra set. While the clip was probably adorable to the 27-year-old reality star, many are finding it in extremely poor taste to post on social media, and are calling her out for it.

From criticism ranging from calling Farrah "trash" to deeming the video "kiddie porn," Farrah has been getting a ton of backlash across social media, expectedly.

Well, Farrah has seen the outrage, and is now defending her actions. While speaking to TMZ, she said the video is no different than children posing for the brand in a modeling campaign. "I know my daughter and I are living our best lives wearing Calvin Kleins," Farrah stated. Well, that's one way to respond.

We wouldn't expect Farrah to always understand logical reasoning when it comes to parenting, but we've got to say, the video was not necessary to share online.