With the amount of headlines Farrah Abraham makes, it shouldn't come as a shock that one of them was for battery and resisting arrest.

Abraham was convicted on one count of resisting arrest, but the charges for battery were dropped. As a result, she received two years of probation, five days of community service, and 12 hours of anger management classes.

The situation began at a Beverly Hills hotel last June, when she apparently struck a security guard following an argument. Although Abraham was luckily not handed jail time for her actions, she was required to report for anger management classes and community service. However, having come out the other side of her punishment, she was spotted looking happy and smiling with nine year old daughter Sophia.

The reality TV star was spotted leaving the SAG AFTRA plaza in Los Angeles, happily rolling daughter Sophia along on top of a suitcase shortly after she reportedly finished the anger management classes. She sported a matching leopard print outfit, and smiled for the camera from all angles.

We're not sure if this marks the beginning of a new chapter for Farrah, or if she was just having a good day--but either way, we're glad to see her and Sophia together and smiling.