Farrah Abraham seems to find herself on social media blast once again for controversial pictures.

This time, the former star of Teen Mom OG posted a picture of herself with a chained lion cub, prompting users to call her out on allegations of animal cruelty--again.

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That's right, 27-year-old Abraham is a repeat offender in accusations of animal cruelty. Farrah found herself under fire when she gave her daughter Sophia a miniature horse as a pet, and another time when she was caught squirting the family's dogs with water and covering their cages in blankets.

This most recent shoot features Farrah posed as a ringleader side by side with a young lion cub, and to say that people were upset with the concept of these photos would be an understatement.

Despite Farrah's disclaimer, many took issue with the fact that she posed with the cub in the first place, citing that domesticated wildlife that are used for pictures like this are often mistreated.

One user commented, "Yeah not harmed, as it has a chain around his neck. That animal needs to be living free in the wild or in a sanctuary, not be a salve for your pictures. Disgusting."

Another wrote, "No animals were harmed yet you are promoting captive animals and the circus, knowingly the most abusive organization to animals. Horrible photoshoot choice. Just like your horrible choice in wigs," criticizing Abraham's style choices in addition to her questionable ethics surrounding the shoot.

We're sure this won't be Farrah's last time in the line of fire for posting controversial things--it doesn't seem like she has been swayed to change her ways so far.