Who knew a video of washing your face could unleash such rage?! Kylie Skin, the new skincare line from Kylie Jenner's empire, launched last week and fans have already lost their minds over the controversial walnut face scrub. But now there's something new to freak over. In a recent video, Kylie washes her face. Simple, right? See for yourself.

The issue that people are having is first that she washes her face for all of two seconds (and with her hair down...ugh), and second, that there is foundation all over the towel when she's done "washing" her face.

Twitter has erupted over this, with one ranting:

"What’s off to me about Kylie Skin is the fact that she’s selling products she clearly doesn’t even use. Rich b**h goes to expensive dermas lmao. She washed her face for literally SECONDS and her foundation was all over the towel. If I did that my acne would be popping lol"

See more angry reactions below:

"Rihanna would have never done this to us," one even wrote. OUCH! But fans kind of have a point. Maybe Kylie was in a hurry in the video? Or was just trying to give an "impression" of how her skincare products work? Whatever the reason, it's not a very appealing video for selling a product. I don't think it's an outrageous expectation that a face wash actually washes your face, a.k.a. leaving no foundation all over your towel afterwards.

So fans are left feeling scammed. Should Kylie have just stuck to makeup? I don't know, but if you're selling a product, at least show you know how to use the darn thing.