Fans Are Rallying for Macaulay Culkin to Play Joker in 'The Batman'

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It was recently announced, to a very divisive DC fandom, that Matt Reeves’ upcoming film on the Dark Knight would star Robert Pattinson as the titular character.

While it’s believed The Batman will center around a younger version of the Bruce Wayne we’ve seen previously, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding other major parts of the plot, namely what villains will be included, and who will play them.

We Got This Covered reports that various DC characters have been rumored to appear in the film, such as Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, Firefly, Two-Face, and the Mad Hatter. But fans are desperate to know if the most notable Batman villain will be included on the roster: the Joker.

There has been no mention of the Joker in conversations surrounding the new film, however that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill, along with fans for rallying behind certain actors for the part. And Macaulay Culkin is apparently at the top of the list.

The former child star has not commented on the validity of the rumors, but many DC fans are on board with it, including digital artist Bryan Zapp who created an image of what Culkin would look like as the Joker.

Meanwhile, a standalone film titled Joker, focusing on the villain’s origin story starring Joaquin Phoenix, is set to hit theaters on October 4. Although it could get super confusing, The Batman will be part of the DCEU, while Joker will not live in the shared universe, which means there could very well be two portrayals of the same character at the same time. Whether or not Culkin will take on the role, is only up for speculation as of now.

[h/t: We Got This Covered]

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