There’s not much many Game of Thrones fans wouldn’t do to get a closer glimpse into the final season, including any battle details, bits of dialogue, and of course, how it all ends. A few of the show’s stars have come out and admitted they’ve let the finale slip to some of their closest friends and family, with Sophie Turner’s fiancé Joe Jonas even having to sign an NDA after he was told. But it doesn’t look like Emilia Clarke will have to worry about anything getting leaked with the person she told, and it’s not just because they’re a trustworthy person.

While appearing on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to promote the final season earlier this week, Clarke admitted she had told one person the ending of the series, although she was not supposed to. "Well, I’ve got to be honest, I did [tell someone], I did. Not just my dog, I told, wasn’t supposed, sorry lads—I told my mom,” the actress confessed. However, it must not have been such a memorable ending, as her mom apparently forgot all about it.

“But the good thing about telling my mom these things is that she’s a vault because she’s just done forgotten,” Clarke continued. “I told her. And we were talking about it the other day, and I was like, ‘Because, you know,’ and she was like, ‘Do I?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, ‘cause I told ya. You kind of read one of the scenes,’ and she was like ‘I can’t remember what happens.’ And I was like, ‘I already told you twice. You missed your chance.’"

As for Clarke herself letting spoilers slip, she said it has been extremely difficult to keep quiet. “Yeah, deeply," she replied when asked if it’s been frustrating. "I just can’t wait for this to be out." Yep, us either.

We’ll have to wait until the finale of Game of Thrones premieres in May to know for sure whether it’s truly not that special, or if Clarke’s mom is just forgetful. We’re obviously hoping the latter.

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