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Ellen Pompeo will return for Grey's Anatomy season 19

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Ellen Pompeo is set to return for Grey's Anatomy season 19! Meredith Grey's story will continue as ABC renewed the record-breaking medical Shonda land series for another season. According to Deadline, Ellen Pompeo signed "a new one-year deal" to continue as the show’s title character,

With Ellen Pompeo, who in the past couple of years has been open about her desire to bring Grey’s Anatomy to an end, just signing up for one more year it doesn't fill us with too much hope that the show will continue into season 20, but we could very well be wrong.

As it remains, things are still pretty uncertain whether season 19 will be the last. ABC is keeping its cards close and guarded so for now we simply don't know, after all, even though Ellen has only signed up for one more year, it doesn't always mean it's the end for Grey's Anatomy. We'll have to wait and see what will the future holds for the popular medical drama.