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Ellen Degeneres says goodbye to daytime talk show after season 19: 'I need something new to challenge me'

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America's most well-known daytime television host, Ellen Degeneres announced she's saying goodbye to The Ellen Degeneres Show after nearly 19 years on air.

The 63-year-old comedian announced on Wednesday, May 12, that after broadcast more than 3,000 episodes, she has decided to end the show after its 19th season. She reassured viewers and fans that she had "thought a lot about the decision [to end the show]" and had extensive conversations with Portia - Ellen's wife of 12 years- and herself before coming to the decision that felt right, and it was a decision several years in the making.

Discussing the move publicly for the first time, Ellen DeGeneres told The Hollywood Reporter:

“When you’re a creative person, you constantly need to be challenged — and as great as this show is, and as fun as it is, it’s just not a challenge anymore.”

Ellen DeGeneres, The Hollywood Reporter

The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which has aired since September 2003, will come to an end in 2022 after its 19th season. The show regularly attracts A-list Hollywood guests and many of them took to social media to thank Ellen for the show and wish her luck in the future. Series regular Kris Jenner, took to Instagram to post a video extract from Ellen's announcement, and wrote beside it:

"Thank you Ellen for 19 seasons and more than 3000 episodes of laughter, love and fun!!!! There will never be another like you! Love you, and wishing you all the best for your next adventure! @theellenshow"

Kris Jenner, Instagram.

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