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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson shares sweet videos with daughters on Father's Day

CinemaCon 2022
CinemaCon 2022 / Greg Doherty/GettyImages

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is one of the world most recognizable actors, and toughest guys, but when it comes to his daughters, the tough and large giant becomes soft putty. Taking to his social media, the Red Notice actor shared a short video repeat of him hugging his youngest and gushed in the comments about being a father.

"Best Fathers Day gift EVER," he told his followers, as he went on to explain the surprise he received on Father's day, "I walked thru the front door and my little tornadoes ambushed me with love and singing."

He then thanked his daughters, "Thank you Jazzy and Tia for making daddy’s day. You’re only 6 and 4, yet the kindness and love you constantly give to your Tyrannosaurus Rex daddy makes my heart melt."

He continued: ".You have no idea how much this Father’s Day gesture means to me. One day you will. To be kind is a powerful gift. You both are boundlessly gifted with kindness, passion and love and that’s how the world will one day hear from you." Check out the post below!