Diplo Says he's received oral sex from a guy in discussion on his sexuality

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Diplo is giving insight to his past sexual experiences.

The DJ recently shared that while he has previously had sexual encounters with men he doesn't feel the need to put a formal label on his sexuality.

"I'm sure I've gotten a blowjob from a guy before. For sure," Diplo told Emily Ratajkowski on the March 14 episode of her High Low podcast. "I don't know if it's gay unless you like may eye contact while there's the blowjob happening."

He continued, "Getting a blowjob's not that gay, I think."

After Emily referred to an off-air conversation with the Close to Me artist about his sexuality, the 44-year-old set the record straight on-air.

"I think the best answer I have is I'm not not gay," Diplo noted. "There are a couple guys... I could date, life partner-wise," noting he is more attracted to 'vibe' than 'gender.'"

He also stated that his TikTok For You Page has a very specific niche: men chopping wood. And he is not complaining about.

"Wood chopping guy is kinda sexy," Diplo admitted. "I dont know if that's the thing that's gonna send me over to the gay side completely, but they're pretty hot."