Dianna Agron addresses past fan speculation about her and Taylor Swift's friendship

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Special Q&A Screening Of "ACIDMAN" / Araya Doheny/GettyImages

After more than a decade, Dianna Agron is filling in a blank space with regard to a couple rumors about her friendship with Taylor Swift.

The Glee alum used to hang out with the singer fairly regularly in 2011 and 2012—the year her album Red was released with liner notes for the track "22" appearing to pay tribute to the actress and three other friends, including Selena Gomez. At the time, Dianna and Taylor's friendship led to some fans speculating, or expressing hope, that their connection was more than platonic.

In a May 7 Rolling Stone interview, Dianna was asked how she felt about how the way the two were "shipped," or "made out by the media and some fans to be in a relationship."

The 37-year-old responded, "That is so interesting. I mean, there have been many stories about my dating life that are so wildly untrue. That's funny."

Also in 2012, there was also online speculation that Dianna and Taylor were involved in a love triangle with Tim Tebow. When asked about it on Jimmy Kimmel Live! at the time, the actress said that she and the NFL star shared a talent agency and that he was not her boyfriend.