'The Office' Fans Are Obsessed After Creed Bratton Joins TikTok

'The Office's Creed Bratton joins TikTok.
'The Office's Creed Bratton joins TikTok. | TikTok / @iamcreedbratton

If you're a super-fan of The Office and you're still not on TikTok, there's one really good reason you might want to join the app. Creed Bratton has made an account of his very own, and yes, it's worth watching all of his videos.

The beloved actor is most recognizable for playing the hilarious fictionalized version of himself on the NBC series. Creed's kooky antics around Dunder Miffllin remain just as funny as they are binge-worthy, but sadly, those iconic moments are no longer happening in real time. Until now, that is. This fresh and very real content from Creed is becoming quite the crowd pleaser on TikTok. As to be expected, the actor is full of The Office-style surprises and one-liners. In a recent upload, he looks into the camera and reminds fans, "Creed here. And I'm still all inclusive."

Not only is he bringing his authentic brand of Creed-ness to the platform, but The Office alum has also brought along a friend for his TikTok journey. A toad, to be exact.

So far, fans just can't get enough Creed and his pet. The actor has only uploaded a few videos, but he has already accumulated over 1 million likes. And yes, we highly suggest you watch all five posts. Follow him on TikTok by heading to his page here.