Chris Martin serenading Dakota Johnson during his Coldplay concert

Coldplay Perform In Milan
Coldplay Perform In Milan / Sergione Infuso - Corbis/GettyImages

Chris Martin was sure to take a moment make his girlfriend Dakota Johnson feel special at Coldplay's concert in Naples, Italy, on June 21 with her very own serenade. According to a video obtained by Daily Mail, the "Fix You" singer made his way around the stadium with his guitar before stopping in front of the sound deck where Dakota was watching the show, directing his next song right at the 33-year-old.

Although it hasn't been confirmed which of the band's beloved songs Chris was singing at the time, it clearly meant a lot to the Fifty Shades of Grey alum, who can be seen in photos smiling and blowing a kiss at the Coldplay frontman.

Romance rumors first started swirling around the duo when they were seen spending time together in 2017, though their dating wasn't confirmed until 2018.

And Dakota has proven she's Coldplay's no. 1 fan beyond just being a loyal concert attendee—she has also helped make their shows more accessible to the hearing impaired community by introducing Chris to a type of tactile technology.