Chris Martin reveals the way Dakota Johnson influenced his Coldplay concerts

Coldplay Tour - Auckland
Coldplay Tour - Auckland / Shane Wenzlick/GettyImages

Chris Martin recently revealed how his girlfriend Dakota Johnson helped make Coldplay shows more accessible to the hearing-impaired community by using tactile technology.

"They are called SubPacs," Chris explained on the March 19 episode of the Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend podcast. "Dakota, my partner, gave me one as a gift because she saw someone online experiencing whatever they are experiencing with this—it's kind of like body armor —you put it on and plug it in and it connects to the base."

The 46-year-old explained that after the Fifty Shades of Grey alum saw how a woman was able to use the technology in the hearing-impaired community she told him, "you should use this somehow."

"So, we started using it and it's been so amazing and it should get better and better," Chris continued. "We have ten or twenty now—every night—of those packs and so if you're hearing impaired we have an area where you sign up and you put on the pack and you can feel the show."

The Yellow singer went on to confess that although the packs are expensive "they are amazing and the things that people do to consider other people are just wonderful."