Chris Evans trolled by fans over Disney trip photos but he sets record straight

"Lightyear" UK Premiere - Arrivals
"Lightyear" UK Premiere - Arrivals / Mike Marsland/GettyImages

Chris Evans - who's voicing Disney's Lightyear lead - has gotten himself accidentally involved in a bit of a conspiracy theory. To celebrate the release of the new Disney movie, in which he portrays Buzz Lightyear, the actor took himself to the most happiest place in the world and shared a series of photographs from his visit, but his post doesn't have fans convinced that he actually visited Disney World.

The theory is that he never actually took the photos at Disney's adventure park, which were shared on Pixar's official Twitter. The problem is that because Chris Evans is a professional and has his poses locked down, in this case … make him look like he was photoshopped into a picture with Helen and Bob Parr, Buzz and Woody, and Joy and Sadness. Check out the post below!

Fans of course had their fun with this and created several memes in response. But this caught the actors attention and he felt the need to clarify. He wrote a tweet explaining the picture, saying, “I promise I’m not photoshopped into these! I just have a very disciplined pose.” But what do you think? could he have just been photoshopped? Leave your comments below!