Chris Evans Jokingly Asks Paul Rudd for His Penis Size as the Marvel Actors Reunite on a Video Call

Chris Evans jokingly questioned Paul Rudd about his manhood in a new interview.
Chris Evans jokingly questioned Paul Rudd about his manhood in a new interview. | Variety/YouTube

Chris Evans has jokes!

The Avengers alum recently caught up with fellow MCU actor Paul Rudd, where they cracked plenty of jokes, including a few explicit ones. Yep, the stars talked about everything from the Avengers  film franchise to the size of Paul's manhood.

When chatting for Variety's At Home series, the fun really started when Evans asked if there would be a third installment in the Ant-Man film series. "Well yeah, we've—that's the idea," Rudd said. "I mean, I don't know what I'm supposed to say, what I'm not supposed to say. But with this quarantine, who even knows anything anymore."

When Rudd said he's, "not going to be able to say anything," Evans quickly changed the subject. "I might as well ask you what your paychecks are," the Captain America actor joked. "I don't know. Paul, what's your penis size?" Rudd cheekily retorted, "It's even bigger than my paycheck. Put in your own Ant-Man joke there."

In addition to their lighthearted banter, Evans opened up about what it was like playing a dad in his Apple TV series Defending Jacob. "Yeah, I don’t have a kid, but it was a really enjoyable role to play. I had a wonderful relationship with my father. If you have to find parallels in your own life to draw from, what a lovely avenue to stroll down to try and remember all the sweet moments I had," he shared.

Clearly, Rudd and Evans were prepared to hit the serious topics and the not-so-serious topics in their chat. We loved every moment of it!