Choreographer Emma Portner Calls Out Justin Bieber in Scathing Post for Allegedly Degrading Women

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 01:  Emma Portner  wearing rag & bone attends the New York premiere of "Why Can’t We Get Along" on February 1, 2018 in New York City.  (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for rag & bone)
rag & bone Celebrates The New York Premiere Of "Why Can't We Get Along" | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

It seems that Justin Bieber has something to sing “Sorry” about once again.

The 25-year-old Canadian singer is in the hot seat after professional dancer and choreographer Emma Portner called him out in an Instagram Story on Monday, Page Six reports.

Portner alleges in the post, written directly to Bieber himself, that the singer paid her “barely anything” when she choreographed his Purpose World Tour in 2016.

Portner states, “I gave your universe my naïve body, creativity, time and effort. Twice. For content that you made millions off of. While I made zilch. Natta. Barely anything. Less than minimum wage for the hours I invested. I couldn’t afford to eat. I was sweeping studio floors to be able to practice my craft. The way you degrade women is an abomination.”

The post comes after Bieber’s recent involvement in the Taylor Swift vs. Scooter Braun debacle. For those who don’t know, Swift alleged in a Tumblr post that Braun is a bully after he obtained the rights to her master copies.

Braun discovered Bieber, and is the long-time manager of the artist. It is no surprise that Bieber publically raced to Braun’s defense when the Swift fiasco broke out.

But it seems that Bieber’s defense of Braun was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back. Portner’s post not only accuses him of mistreating and underpaying women, but also confronts his affiliation with the megachurch Hillsong.

Portner, who is openly gay and married to actor Ellen Page, alleges that Hillsong has anti-LGBTQ+ views. She continues in her post, “Your company hired an out lesbian in your music video, and to choreograph some content for your purpose world tour. How do you feel about that? A lesbian, HELPING YOU, for a disrespectful amount of money, as you attend a church that goes against my existence?”

Along with her rage, Portner does offer a constructive olive branch to Bieber. She writes, “I can only hope for your enlightenment. That you read a ton of books. I will gladly purchase and send you some books that will change the way your traumatized brain thinks...A straight white pastor/manager can’t be your only major source of world view [sic]…I really hope you educate yourself beyond your bible.”

Bieber hasn’t responded to Portner’s allegations.

[h/t: Page Six]