Céline Dion fans protest Rolling Stone excluding her from greatest singers list

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Céline Dion fans descended upon Rolling Stone's New York City office on Jan. 6 to protest its recent exclusion of the Canadian artist in its list of The 200 Greatest Singers of All Time.

The magazine's round-up ranged from late music icons Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston to contemporary pop stars like Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish—but drew criticism near and far from Dion fans for its exclusion of the five-time Grammy winner.

"One more reason these stupid ass lists don't mean s--t," songwriter Diane Warren wrote on Twitter Jan. 1. "Really??? A list of greatest singers @RollingStone and #CelineDion isn't on it??"

The following day, ABC News journalist Deborah Roberts tweeted in reaction to Dion's snub, "Call me crazy… but WHAT???"

Now, proving that their hearts will go on for Dion, supporters of the singer appeared outside of Rolling Stone's New York City office to protest. On Jan. 6, a group identifying themselves as The Red Heads stood outside of the publication's headquarters to voice their grievances "in the name of Céline," according to the outlet.