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Cause of death revealed for victims of Travis Scott's Astroworld concert

Astroworld Festival 2021
Astroworld Festival 2021 / Rick Kern/GettyImages

On Nov. 5, a crowd surge at Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival left 10 people dead and many others injured. Now, authorities have released the official cause of death of those who died.

According to a Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences report, all 10 victims of the Astroworld tragedy died from compression asphyxia.

What is Compression Asphyxia?

Compression asphyxia, also known as traumatic asphyxia, occurs when external pressure is placed on the chest that prevents normal breathing and is often "associated with internal injuries," according to the National Library of Medicine.

The manner of death for all 10 victims was ruled as an accident.

Officials previously described the tragedy, which occurred in Travis Scott's hometown of Houston, as a "mass casualty incident." According to police, the crowd at the Goosebumps rapper's show "began to compress towards the front of the stage," causing panic and injuries.

Currently, the rapper is facing over 150 lawsuits and denies any legal responsibility for the deaths that occurred at his concert.