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Cardi B promotes Centerfold, her first project as the new creative director of Playboy

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Maxim November/December Issue Release Party / Jose Devillegas/GettyImages

On Friday, Cardi B, 28, took to her Instagram to promote her first project as Creative Director of Playboy by announcing a new platform for creators, Centrefold.

"My first project with @playboy!!! introducing CENTERFOLD," the songstress wrote in her caption. A promotional image for the brand featured a photo of Cardi dressed in a bra made of pink gemstones which placed her famous ample cleavage front and center while she smiled a toothy grin.

The mom-of-two and fashionista had her glossy black hair was parted down the middle and styled in big, loose, luscious curls. 

Under the primary snap, there were smaller photographs of five Centerfold creators.  The WAP singer continued in the caption, "so excited to share this platform with so many amazing creators @playboycenterfold."

According to the Centerfold Instagram account, which was launched back in September, the site aims to "be a creator-led platform dedicated to creative freedom, artistic expression, and sex-positivity, as the next evolution of our long history at the intersection of culture and sex."