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Briana DeJesus Responds to Speculation She's Pregnant Again

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus is not happy that fans have been pestering her about whether or not she's pregnant with baby number three.

“Now that I’m dating Johnny and legitimately the happiest I’ve ever been in a relationship in my life, everyone is making assumptions I must be rushing to get pregnant,” DeJesus told Radar Online.

The mother of two made her new relationship with Johnny Rodriguez Instagram official back in September.

“I’ve said I’m on birth control multiple times and for some reason people don’t want to believe that,” the 24-year-old reality star said.

“I get that I’m on Teen Mom 2 and that comes with having to be the subject of articles and rumors, but I promise when and if I become pregnant again, you will hear it from my mouth and no one else’s,” DeJesus said.

Briana said that another baby isn’t out of the picture, but cleared up the timeline for any confused fans.

“If things work out with Johnny – which of course I truly hope they do as they’re great right now – will I want another baby eventually? Yes. Is that happening anytime soon? No," she stated.

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The mother of two shut down anyone who still didn’t believe her with one final statement.

“I’m happy with Johnny, in a healthy relationship, and one that is pregnancy-free. And that’s all there is to it," she concluded.