Blake Lively's trainer wants you to sleep more and not count calories

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Spotted: Mom of four Blake Lively looking strong AF.

While the Gossip Girl alum sadly didn't attend the Met Gala May 1, Blake's fans couldn't help but be impressed by how confident and radiant she's looked in recent red carpet appearances since welcoming baby no. 4 with Ryan Reynolds earlier this year. And, fortunately, we've got the secrets to her totally attainable wellness routine that we're definitely going to tell. You know you love it.

When it comes to his clients, Blake's longtime trainer Don Saladino is all about instilling healthy habits that will set a person up for consistency and success without sacrificing delicious foods or committing to unrealistic fitness goals. "We're never doing anything unhealthy," Don told publications in an interview. His clients are "never starving themselves, we're never dehydrating the body, we're never doing no-to-low carb."

In fact, the fitness expert wants people to eat more food and stop worrying about the number on the scale.

"The reality is if any person came to me right now and I told them, 'You could be 10 pounds heavier but take your clothes off and look exactly how you want to look naked, would you take it?'" Don—who's also guided Blake's husband and Marvel superhero Sebastian Stan, among other stars—poses. "They would have a tough time answering that question."