Billie Eilish pauses London show over fan safety to avoid Astroworld fiasco

Billie Eilish UK Tour
Billie Eilish UK Tour / Samir Hussein/GettyImages

While performing a show at London's O2 arena on Saturday, Billie Eilish briefly paused her set after learning that several fans got into difficulties in sweltering temperatures.

"Are you all ok?" she asked. "People were fainting and getting pulled out. It's hot, I know". After fans said they were "squished", she halted the music until the pressure in front of the stage eased.

"Take a step back, give everybody some space," Eilish said. "If someone looks a little woozy, just tell someone." She added: "Don't try to save feelings."

Earlier, Eilish had asked the O2 security team to distribute water to the audience. It is not the first time the singer has stopped a concert to check on her fans.

In February, she interrupted her Happier Than Ever tour show in Atlanta after noticing someone struggling to breathe and refused to proceed until they could access an inhaler.

"Can we just grab one?" she asked a crew member