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Batwoman's Nicole Kang is seen in costume as Poison Ivy for the first time

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Ahead of the hit CW show's midseason finale, Batwoman's Nicole Kang is finally seen in costume as Poison Ivy! A new photo of the 30-year-old actress, who portrays Mary Hamilton on the hit CW superhero program, Batwoman, was released on Friday and showed her fully transformed into the fan-favorite DC Comics villain, Poison Ivy.

The actress will be featured in the show's upcoming midseason finale, when her transformation into the iconic, bad**s female will unwrap right on our screens.

Batwoman's executive producer, Caroline Dries, spoke to Deadline and told the media outlet that the actress was very hands-on during the costuming process.

"It was so exciting to work alongside Nicole as we picked hair color, eye color and, of course, the clothing itself," she said.

Nicole Kang shared an image with a message to her Instagram revealing to fans the first glimpse of her in costume as Poison Ivy.

Check out the post below!