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'Avengers: Infinity War' Almost Included a Previous Romance for Captain America

HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 23:  Marvel Studios' "Avengers: Endgame" star Chris Evans at the Hand And Footprint Ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre on April 23, 2019 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)
Alberto E. Rodriguez

Avengers: Endgame has enjoyed massive critical and commercial success around the globe, with critics and audiences responding enthusiastically to the film’s conclusion of many Marvel Cinematic Universe storylines. The final fate of Captain America, giving Steve Rogers the opportunity to travel back in time and live his life with Peggy Carter, received particular praise for its ability to link back to the very first films of the franchise. But, as screenwriters Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus shared recently, Captain America originally had a much different romance back in the previous film, Avengers: Infinity War.

According to CinemaBlend, Markus and McFeely originally intended to open Infinity War with Captain America living with Sharon Carter, Peggy’s great niece and Cap’s brief romantic interest in Captain America: Civil War. The writers explained to Yahoo! that this plot was intended to resolve dangling threads from the previous films.

“We tried to sew up all sorts of things,” McFeely said. We had first drafts where Steve was living with Sharon Carter and it wasn’t going very well.” Markus added that, “those are the moments where Kevin [Feige] comes in and goes, ‘What the hell are you doing?'"

Subsequently, however, they realized that there wasn’t time for a, “previously on the life of Steve Rogers.” Consequently, they cut out the romance and instead had Captain America end up with Peggy Carter in the conclusion of Endgame.

It’s hard to know exactly what the Sharon-Cap romance would have looked like if it hit the big screen, but we’re glad that the film ended up as it was--Steve’s final return to Peggy pulled at our heartstrings and made us happy to see the character complete his journey. Plus, it would’ve been a little weird for him to end up with Peggy shortly after being involved with her great niece.