Uh-oh. There's potentially bad news for Game of Thrones fans hoping Arya Stark makes it to the end of the series.

Many raised some eyebrows after Drake accepted one of his multiple awards at the Billboard Music Awards last night and decided to give a shout-out to the fictional assassin. Before walking away, he gleefully stated, "Shout out to Arya Stark for putting in that work last week, aye!"

While many were super excited hearing the praise Drake gave the fan-favorite character, others remembered something kind of alarming: the "Drake curse." If you're not familiar with this, there's a popular theory that the rapper curses every team he supports publicly, such as with the recent Toronto Maple Leafs loss. The Italian football club AS Roma even recently banned their players from taking photos with Drake, so yeah. This is a thing people really believe.

So after Drake's shout-out with seemingly only the best intentions, fans are sure Arya's fate is cursed. Many flooded to social media to weigh in on the possibility.

We're not saying we totally believe Arya is cursed now, but if she dies in the next Game of Thrones episode, we'll know why.