Ariana Grande is not here for misogyny, and will stick up for her female peers no matter what the cost. Today, the "God is a Woman" singer had to school outspoken British TV presenter Piers Morgan after he made some totally ignorant comments about Little Mix.

The British girl group recently released an empowering music video for their song "Strip" featuring Sharaya J, which closes with the four ladies posing in the nude with various insults written all over them, proving they are stronger than what people say about them.

While many praised the video, Morgan slammed the girls on Good Morning Britain, and even took to Twitter to insult the group. The 53-year-old presenter tweeted at Little Mix, accusing them of stealing their idea from a Dixie Chicks photoshoot.

Morgan faced plenty of backlash, and even Grande's mom got involved.

Once Morgan claimed Grande uses her talent to sell music as opposed of getting naked, the 25-year-old singer jumped in. "I use my talent AND my sexuality all the time because i choose to. women can be sexual AND talented," she told Morgan.

"We will keep fighting til people understand," Grande added, followed by tweeting at Little Mix, telling them to "keep fighting the fight divas." She then went on to send another message to Morgan, giving him some solid life and career advice.

Grande ended her rant at that, but Morgan posed a proposition for her, as he does with most people who challenge him on social media.

It seems Morgan will always continue to insult successful people for attention, as he has it in his mind there's then the chance they'll appear on his show, and he'll get good ratings from it. It might've worked in the past, but it will not fly with Grande, nor Little Mix for that matter.

Thank you, next.