It has to hurt when your ex-fiancé covers up a tattoo that she got for you, right? But what about when she covers it up with a tribute to one of her ex-boyfriends? Or, in Ariana Grande's case, a tribute to her ex-boyfriend's dog.

In a new video that an Ariana Grande fan account posted on Instagram, we can see Ari showing off the tattoo cover-up. The video shows a behind-the-scenes moments during the filming of her Thank U, Next music video. Grande was set up in the "bend" portion of the "bend and snap" move, fitting as she was dressed as Elle Woods in the video.

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In the video, Ariana calls to her friends to check out her new tattoo, which says “Myron,” the name of Mac Miller's dog. The new ink covers up the “8148” that used to appear on her foot, which was a tribute to Pete Davidson's father, who died in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

Ariana posted a video with Myron back in September, making fans believe that the pop star had adopted the pup.

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all the kisses. happy fall.

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People always say there’s nothing more permanent than a tattoo, but Ariana and Pete have both covered up more than a few of the tattoos that the previously engaged couple got together or for their significant other.

Just a few days after their split, Ari performed at NBC’s A Very Wicked Halloween and was seen covering her “Pete” tattoo with a Band-Aid. A few weeks after that, the “Reborn” tattoo on her hand, which she had gotten with Davidson, was turned into a feather.

Both Ari and the SNL comedian have also covered up tattoos with black heart designs, which leaves us to ask, did they get matching break-up tattoos?