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Apparently 'Game of Thrones' Fans Have Been Pronouncing Khaleesi Wrong All This Time

As if Game of Thrones wasn't crazy enough to try to understand at first glance, the world of Westeros just got a new tidbit dropped on itself by the man who created the languages used on the show.

David Peterson created the Dothraki language, and stated on the Allusionist podcast that the way Khaleesi is commonly pronounced isn't actually correct. While pretty much everyone pronounces the name "Ka-lee-see," Peterson pronounces it as "Hay-ley-eh-see," with an emphasized throaty sound on the "H."

Um, what? We'll be fine just calling her the Mother of Dragons from now on.

“There's no way it should be pronounced 'ka-lee-see' based on the spelling,” Peterson continued. “So, I had to decide am I going to re-spell this thing because I know how people are going to pronounce this, or am I going to honor that spelling and pronounce it differently? I made the latter decision and I think it was the wrong decision.”

Will anyone get Daenerys' name right after this revelation? With the final season of Game of Thrones quickly approaching, we doubt it.

In any case, fans cannot wait to see what the final episodes hold when the series returns on April 14.

[h/t: Games Radar]