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Andrew Garfield gushes over Zendaya in Euphoria season 2

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Andrew Garfield gushed over Spider-Man: No Way Home co-star Zendaya's performance in season two of the HBO drama Euphoria, and expressed legitimate concern for her well-being.

"I think it was episode five. It's one of the most relentless episodes of television I've ever seen," Andrew told Zendaya for Variety's Actors on Actors series. "I'm starting to get to know you better, but to have access to that kind of awfulness and the damage and pain, and to make it so human. I was like, 'Are you OK?' How did you make sure you were OK while you were doing that?"

Watch the full Actors on Actors interview below!

The episode featured Zendaya's character Rue being confronted by her mother Leslie (Nika King), Jules (Hunter Schafer) and Elliot (Dominic Fike) after finding out she had relapsed. After Leslie attempts to take Rue to rehab, she jumps out of the car and escapes, and Rue later begins to feel the effects of withdrawal while on her own.

After another attempted intervention, Rue is caught burglarizing a house and manages to evade police, eventually finding her way back home.

Andrew praised Zendaya's performance, calling it "one of the most remarkable things I've seen an actor do in recent memory."