Amber Portwood Admits She 'Prayed' for Her Dad's Death in New 'Teen Mom OG' Episode

Amber Portwood
Amber Portwood reflects on her late alcoholic dad in new 'Teen Mom OG' episode. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Amber Portwood has been going through it this season of Teen Mom OG, and recent trust issues she's facing with new boyfriend Dimitri Garcia have definitely dug up troubles from her past.

During this week's episode, the mom-of-two reflected on her relationship with her late dad, explaining after she made her new Belgian boo take a lie detector test that she has trouble committing to a healthy relationship. Amber decided to put Dimitri to the test when their relationship leaked online, however he thankfully passed the polygraph. As reported by People, the 30-year-old reality star shared of the results, "At the time, ecstatic and when I got home I started crying and I was really scared because now that means moving to the next step of the relationship...I didn't really grow up around a lot of love."

While speaking to her psychiatrist Dr. Stachler, Amber spoke about her dad, who was an alcoholic, admitting, "At the end, with my father, I loved him to death, but in the beginning, I prayed for his death." She also stated that it was "pretty hard" for her growing up, "when all you knew until the age of 14 was, 'You're a bitch,' 'You're this,' 'You're that.' It messes with your head a little."

Amber's toxic relationship with her late dad is obviously a reason behind her trust issues, but that's hardly the only one. As she discussed with her ex, Gary Shirley, Dimitri is not the first man the MTV personality has given a lie detector test to. Back in 2017, her then-boyfriend Matt Baier failed when he was asked if he had made any "sexual advances" towards other women at the time. As fans of the franchise will recall, Amber totally freaked out, causing a scene at the facility.

We can't blame Amber for having the trust issues she does, but we're thankful she has a support system in Gary and his wife Kristina if anything does go wrong with Dimitri.