Adele is ready to set fire to the trend of concertgoers throwing objects onstage

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When it comes to throwing things onstage, Adele wants fans to find another way to make her feel their love.

The "Easy On Me" singer took a moment during one of her Las Vegas residency concerts to colorfully comment on the recent trend of concertgoers throwing objects towards artists in the middle of their concerts.

"Have you noticed how people are like forgetting f--king show etiquette at the moment?" she said in a video shared to Twitter. "People just throwing s--t onstage. Have you seen them?"

Making it clear how she'd react if this were to happen at one of her shows, the 35-year-old joked, "I f--king dare you. Dare you to throw something at me and I'll f--king kill you."

The commentary happened just as Adele was firing a t-shirt into the audience—an irony she was sure to address. "'Stop throwing things at the artist, but you can shoot things into people,'" she continued with a laugh. "It's a total reverse."

"I've seen these people," she added, walking her t-shirt cannon offstage. "These people have lost it."