Although creating conversation shouldn't be too difficult with the woman you're dating, perhaps you might need for assistance on how to spice up the chatting and take things the romantic route. There are plenty of topics that are so intimate, you'd only feel comfortable speaking to your significant other about it. Questions about their desires in life, what makes them happy, sad, etc. can all be super romantic.

Here are eight romantic questions to ask your girlfriend.

1. What Makes You the Happiest in Life?

A basic and sweet question to ask your lady is about what brings her joy. Asking her what makes her happiest in life will open up a positive conversation, one you'll surely learn from as well. Once you know what makes her smile, you'll be sure to always do it!

2. What’s Your Ideal Date Night?

Asking your girlfriend about her ideal night will both open up the possibilities of what you do on your dates, and also give you some insight on her likes and dislikes. You might find out she actually dislikes dancing, or maybe she secretly enjoys going to the movies during the daytime rather than at night.

3. How Many Children Do You Want?

This might seem a bit extreme of a question at first, but if you have no hidden agenda here, it's really just innocent. Hypothetical questions like these just open up a conversation of the things you and your girlfriend value in life, for example children. Discussing the future doesn't have to be a commitment if you don't want it to be, but rather a fun topic.

4. What’s Your Favorite Memory?

Asking about favorite memories will allow you to learn a lot about what matters to your girlfriend. She will open up to you and describe her happiest of times, also giving you the chance to share yours. This is particularly romantic because you both will be sharing intimate moments from your life that perhaps no one else knows.

5. What is Your Favorite Song to Dance to?

Asking your girlfriend what her favorite song to dance to is also an easy way to ask, "want to dance?" Plus, it'll open your eyes to the types of music she enjoys if you don't already know. Who knows, maybe you'll even decide on a song to make your own in the process!

6. What’s Your Zodiac Sign?

Even if your girlfriend isn't big on horoscopes, finding out her zodiac sign and talking about what it means could be quite romantic. You'd be learning about her, comparing your sign to hers, and ultimately talking about one another's personality traits and deciding if you're compatible.

7. How Do You Know When You’re in Love?

This one is a bit of a difficult question, but it's one of the most intimate. This isn't to say her answer will tell you if she's in love with you or not, but it will give you a look inside her brain and her heart. Some people have easy signs to know when they're in love, while others aren't so sure.

8. Do You Believe in Soulmates?

And finally, asking for her take on soulmates might make the mood extremely romantic. Talking about love in general is so special with your significant other, and will give you the chance to talk about your feelings for one another.