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50 Cent's Horror movie was 'so gory' cameraman 'passed out'

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50 Cent's latest project, a horror flick, is so gory it allegedly made camera crew "pass out".

The horror flick -- starring 50 Cent, TikTok star Bryce Hall and UFC legend Paige VanZant -- is dubbed Skill House and it's directed by Josh Stolberg. It was Stolberg -- also the brains behind the last two Saw films -- who took to his social media channels and shared a photo of a scene they recently filmed showing fake blood all over the floor, a knife, and possibly fake guts or skin (ew).

In any event, what's getting everyone's attention is what Stolberg wrote in the caption to that photo, revealing that a kill scene filmed last weekend was so gory that the camera operator became nauseated and passed out for a half hour.

Stolberg says the camera came crashing down to the ground, bringing production to a screeching halt as they tended to the camera operator. Stolberg says the camera operator was OK and was set to return to filming scenes.