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5 Things You Might’ve Missed From 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Premiere

Fans of HBO’s wildly successful series Game of Thrones have been waiting almost two (extremely long) years for a new episode, and the time has finally come. The show’s eighth and final season premiered tonight, and unsurprisingly everyone is freaking out. Spoilers ahead.

Between , the season premiere held nothing back in terms of action, drama, and emotion. But with all that said, there are a few minor parts fans might’ve missed on the first watch, ones that could mean significant things for the episodes to come. Here are five.

1. The New Introduction

Eagle-eyed fans were on the lookout for differences in this season’s intro, as the series is known to add a few elements occasionally. For the premiere, it marks the first time the map sequence was completely changed, as Vanity Fair points out. We see King’s Landing and Westeros, but there’s also a new spot featured: Last Hearth. As Last Hearth is close to the Wall, we can definitely expect to be visiting it for the first time this season.

2. The Callback to Season 1

Fans were told that the final season would have many callbacks to season one, and the first episode is nothing short of just that. Specifically, when Jon and Daenerys arrive at Winterfell, we see a young boy climbing a tree, very reminiscent of a young Bran Stark. The entire scene is quite similar to the Lannisters arriving to Winterfell in the very first episode. The people of the North are wary of what’s to come with their new additions.

3. Cersei Drank Wine (Although She Claims She’s Pregnant)

While many fans are sure Cersei is completely lying about being pregnant just to manipulate Jaime, she might’ve just confirmed that in the new episode. Last season, she was seen turning away wine after her reveal she was expecting, but tonight, after sleeping with Euron, she downs  a glass of wine.

4. Tyrion Might Approve of Jon and Dany After All

The already iconic scene in Season 7 which saw Bran telling Sam about Jon’s true parentage, all while Tyrion looked towards the room where Jon and Daenerys were having sex in, made for an extremely awkward tone. Many believe Tyrion is in love with the Mother of Dragons, which in turn would turn him very jealous of Jon. However, in the season premiere, Tyrion tells Varys and Davos that the pair make “a handsome couple.” Was he trying to keep his cool, or does he actually approve?

5. The Possible Ed Sheeran Reference

Last season saw the very random cameo from Ed Sheeran, who played a Lannister soldier Arya met and spent some time with while she was on her way to King’s Landing. While seemingly nothing came about from his character, he very well might’ve been referenced in the Season 8 premiere. When Bronn is having relations with a few ladies, they begin gossiping. One brings up a ginger named Eddie, explaining he, “Came back with his face burnt right off. He's got no eyelids now.” There’s no way to confirm that’s Ed Sheeran they’re talking about, but fans are certain it must be.

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