4 Things You Might Have Missed in 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Episode 3, 'The Long Night'

Arguably the most anticipated episode in Game of Thrones history premiered tonight, as not only did it include the epic battle of Winterfell, but it also marked the longest episode in the show’s run, at 82 minutes. Fans were already expecting major deaths to take place at the battle, and while there weren’t as many as we feared, we did say goodbye to a few favorites. We’ll be mourning the loss of Lyanna Mormont, and honestly, even Theon Greyjoy, for years to come. But beyond all of the intense events and upsetting moments, there are a few things you might’ve missed from the first watch alone. Here four are of those below.

1. What Killed the Night King

Without a doubt the craziest moment in this episode was Arya Stark coming out of nowhere and stabbing the Night King just as he was approaching an unguarded Bran Stark. Just like that, she defeated the undead leader and all of his army fell with him. But the best part of it all was what she used to kill him: the Valyrian Steel dagger which was once supposed to kill Bran all the way back in the first season. Fans have of course suspected this weapon would be incredibly important in the final season, and it was.

2. Melisandre Knew

Arya was surprised to see Melisandre again after years, and she was told the same prophecy from the third season. In the episode “The Climb,” Melisandre told a young Arya: “I see a darkness in you. And in that darkness eyes staring back at me - brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes you'll shut forever. We will meet again.” While this seemingly made no sense to Arya back then, or to viewers, hearing it again from Melisandre in tonight’s episode sealed the deal. The blue eyes were the Night King’s. She knew it was Arya’s duty.

3. Beric’s Death

Many fans were expecting Beric Dondarrion to meet his demise in the final season, but that didn’t make his death tonight any less upsetting. The character has memorably been killed and brought back to life by the Lord of Light numerous times, which had us all theorizing what his purpose would be. Turns out, it was to save Arya so she could defeat the Night King. And Beric’s death was more than just fate, as it was quite symbolic as well. When getting stabbed, his arms were outstretched in the doorway, creating a Jesus Christ-like image. He went out a martyr, and the way he died like that couldn’t have been a coincidence.

4. Sansa and Tyrion’s Foreshadowing

While down hiding in the crypts, Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister had a few sweet moments together. Reminiscing on how Tyrion was the least terrible of Sansa’s husbands, the former suggested they should’ve stayed married. This seemingly foreshadows their relationship progressing in further episodes, hinting at a fan theory which puts the two together on the Iron Throne. Sansa also said the only thing in their way would be the Dragon Queen, which might mean Daenerys will actually become her true enemy. *Cue the “Daenerys is the villain theories.*

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