This story includes spoilers for 'Stranger Things' Season 3.

Chances are that if you binge-watched the third season of Stranger Things already, you're just trying to fully recover from what you saw and mourn. While there were plenty of hilarious and crazy moments, we all were left with the most heartfelt and upsetting ending the series has seen yet. So as we're trying to get past all the hurt, let's look at the funniest memes about the season.

Here are the 10 best memes circulating the internet right now that you'll only understand if you've seen Stranger Things Season 3.

1. Eleven really took control this season.

2. Per usual, no one else in Hawkins but the gang knew anything crazy was going on.

3. Honestly, couldn't they have saved more people?

4. Will is getting powers like Eleven. Don't @ me.

5. You can't deny you didn't bob your head to the song.

6. Steve and Robin were seriously feeling it.

7. Nancy did not have any cares in the world on her mission.

8. Robin is now Steve's number one fan.

9. Poor Will just wanted to play some D&D.

10. The tears were so, so real.