While Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next music video was a tribute to four classic throwback movies, Mean Girls definitely stands out amongst the rest in the hit video.

Mean Girls cast members Lindsay Lohan and Jonathan Bennett recently discussed the music video while co-hosting the Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club: After Show, which will air on Tuesday, Jan. 8, directly after the premiere of the new reality show.

Bennett asked Lohan about her thoughts on the music video in Us Weekly's sneak peek of the after show. “It was awesome,” Lohan replied. “I thought it was great, but you were in it! I wasn’t in it.”

Bennett, who reprised his role of Aaron Samuels in the music video, asked Lohan if she had any heads up that the video would pay homage to one of her classic films. Lohan replied, “No, I didn’t know, but it was exciting to see.” We now know the actress was definitely not asked to be in the video.

“Well, she’s in Mykonos running an empire,” Bennett said in Grande’s defense of not letting Lohan know about the tribute. Ariana’s friend, Elizabeth Gillies, played the red-headed Cady Heron in the music video instead.

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#ThankuNext ?

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“It was fun for me,” Bennett said, to which Lohan quickly responded, “Oh, I’m sure it was fun for you.” Lohan then started asking more about the video, such as what location they used. When Bennett revealed they filmed the music video in Beverly Hills, Lohan said, “So boujee.”

Bennett tried to recount the odd feeling he got while standing in the hallway during the shoot, and was no doubt about to admit the crazy amount of nostalgia he probably had been feeling while filming the music video. But Bennett couldn’t get the thought out before Lohan began to spew some memories of her own from the days of filming the original Mean Girls.

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Aaron ❤️ Cady. Thank U, Next.

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“We filmed [the movie] in Toronto next to a psych ward. I remember that,” Lindsay said. “Do you remember the alarms went off there? We were freaking out and we locked ourselves in the trailers. Someone escaped. That’s why we were locked in the trailers. Rachel McAdams was freaking out, came to my trailer. We had a great experience. I mean, I was rhinestoning my T-Mobile sidekick.”

Talk about a throwback. We're happy Lohan has no hard feelings about Grande's video.