Kailyn Lowry Accuses Chris Lopez of Choking Her as They Fight on Instagram Live

Kailyn Lowry accuses Chris Lopez of choking her while they're on Instagram Live.
Kailyn Lowry accuses Chris Lopez of choking her while they're on Instagram Live. | Instagram / Kailyn Lowry

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry and her ex Chris Lopez have a complicated relationship, and fans of the franchise know that they currently aren't on good terms. Kail was granted a restraining order against him in Oct. 2019 after he was allegedly arrested twice that month and the reality star has said that “there’s no co-parenting right now” with Lopez. The pair already share two-year-old son Lux and Kailyn announced in February of this year that she is expecting another child with her ex.

As reported by The Ashley, Chris did an Instagram Live session where he was discussing the upcoming birth of his second child with Kailyn. After Kailyn publicly accused him of not being involved during her pregnancy, Chris denied there was any truth to her claims. However, Kailyn hopped on his Instagram to make an intense accusation.

Several fans asked Chris why Kailyn had filed an order of protection against him, and Kailyn chimed in asking him, “What caused the PFA?” Chris explained that he made Kailyn feel threatened, but asked Kailyn not to air their dirty laundry online.

“Don’t put our business out there. That’s for me if I decide if I want to put that s**t out there,” Chris said. Then Kailyn dropped a bombshell. She wrote, “Check me where? Choke me again?” You can watch the video below.

Chris didn’t confirm or deny her claims, but this previously unknown aspect of the story is definitely shocking. If he really did choke her, the order of protection definitely makes sense since it forbids him from contacting Kail. However, if Kailyn really wanted him to follow the agreement they made, she probably shouldn't be contacting him on Instagram just to throw some shade!