Many New Jersey moviegoers seeing Captain Marvel during opening weekend were extra lucky, as Carol Danvers herself made a surprise appearance.

Captain Marvel is the MCU's first female-led film, which follows the adventures of Danvers as she becomes a member of an alien race known as the Kree, and joins forces with Samuel L. Jackson, who portrays Nick Fury. It has received mostly positive reviews from critics.

"I just heard that I was on the cups and popcorn and wanted to see for myself," Larson said to excited fans in the theater.

She then thanked them for coming to see the film, and threw up a peace sign before heading out of the theater to let fans watch the film she was starring in.

Fans shared videos of Larson's spiel to the theater, as well as images of the actress working behind the snack counter and handing out concessions to fans, and everyone seemed to love the fun surprise on opening weekend.

Captain Marvel made about $153 million in the box office on opening weekend, and with Marvel's first female-led movie already doing so well, fans can expect these numbers to only go up. Larson sure knows how to make fans happy!

[h/t: Screen Rant]