It seems like the more suspects we have for the Black Hood in Riverdale, the further away we are to figuring out who the hooded villain is. Even though Season 2 is rolling along, with 'Chapter Thirty-Four' premiering this Wednesday, we still feel clueless as ever. 


Out of all our suspects, Betty's dad, Hal Cooper, always remains. He's physically the best match, and just always gets himself into sketchy situations where he looks super incriminating. And after the recent events of last episode, 'Chapter Thirty-Three: Shadow of a Doubt,' we get even more evidence against him.

But if you're not sold Hal is truly the Black Hood, there is a convincing ​theory it actually is his twin! I know what you're thinking: "What twin?" Well, have you ever thought about the twin gene running on the Cooper side, not just the Blossom?

Twins are definitely a theme for this series; we're not sure why, but they are. Cheryl and Jason are twins, Clifford's creepy twin brother Claudius showed up back in 'Chapter Twenty-Eight,' and Polly gave birth to twins.

And with the Cooper-Blossom family history - which I understand might be hard to follow - showing Clifford and Hal's great-grandfathers were brothers, it's extremely possible Hal has a twin.


Claudius tells Cheryl he learned of the "Blossom curse" with Clifford holding a gun to his head when they were teens, telling him one twin had to die. Clifford fortunately got away unscathed that day, but the same thing didn't happen in their family history. Their great grandfather Blossom killed his own brother (which would be Hal's great grandfather) years prior, causing the families to split.


The Blossom curse could've very well also been applied to Hal and a twin we don't know exists. His twin could now be back to Riverdale after being spared like Claudius was. 

It would be the perfect mirroring of history, and a beautiful parallel for this symbolic show.

It really wouldn't be a stretch, and it would shed some light on why Hal is constantly still a suspect without being actually caught with anything. 

Plus, it would explain small details such as "Hal" not remembering Alice's flower allergy and other strange scenes.

Season 2 finishes up with 'Chapter Thirty-Five: A Brave New World' on May 16, so we're less than two weeks to *hopefully* finding out some major info. Season 2 better end with a bang!