​Luke Cage is one of the coolest heroes in the Marvel Comics Universe. He's a bulletproof African-American man in a time of police brutality and systematic racism who fights to protect Harlem, NY from those who wish to corrupt the neighborhood and hurt the people closest to him.

After appearing in the amazing first season and the team-up season of The Defenders, Luke Cage, portrayed by actor Mike Colter, is back with Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson)Misty Knight (Simone Missick), Mariah (Alfre Woodard), and a new, fearsome foe for Season 2.

Named "Bushmaster," the character not only possesses enough strength to knock Luke Cage on his feet in the trailer, but appears to be the main focus, for now. Fans will remember how Mahershala Ali's character was killed off to reveal the true villain early on in Season 1. Mustafa Shakir, an actor and Harlem native, plays "Bushmaster," who may have a similar role as Ali's, and partner with Woodard's character, Mariah.

In the comics, Bushmaster is not only a crime lord throughout Europe, but he's also able to gain his strength by forcing the scientist that altered Luke Cage to repeat the procedure. A similar feat may be applied to his character in the Netflix adaptation, but scenes from the trailer lead us to believe he's gained his strength from more mystical means. 

Lucy Liu directs the premiere episode for Luke Cage Season 2, with the entire season to drop on Netflix on Friday, June 22nd.