Wait... now- what?! $1 million dollars for a photo? Well, in actual​ity, the youngest Kardashian makes some major cash when she posts an ad endorsement on Instagram.

D'Marie Analytics said: "
Jenner has grown 'her ad equivalent value to over $1 million per post across her social media portfolio." So every time you see a post that says #sponsored or even #ad, you know it's worth some major figures.

It's pretty overwhelming when you think about it. In 2016, she was the most followed person on Snapchat and was reportedly averaging 25,530 new followers per day since April 2018 across all of her social media accounts. It's just crazy!

But at the same time, all the money makes sense, because then, she's the ideal celebrity endorser for any product thanks to her extreme following, putting a product in front of millions with a single post.

Not to mention all the free swag she gets just for uploading and tagging a photo; this girl's getting everything!