​Two days ago, reports came in to ​Metro from a source close to Rihanna that revealed she was working on two albums. A double-disc on the way just piles on the amazing work Rihanna already has going on, such as her new ​subscription lingerie service and her ​Fenty beauty projects expanding into Saudi Arabia. 

Rihanna's last appearance was on N.E.R.D.'s "Lemon," and her last full length record was 2016's Anti“She’s currently recording two albums," the source ​revealed, "one full of chart-friendly songs, and another made up of moody and experimental tracks – and is considering releasing a double disc if she feels the songs won’t mesh well on the same album.”

Responding to an impatient fan who commented "We want fenty MUSIC" on Instagram yesterday, Rihanna said, "she coming sis!" It was a far more lenient response to an impatient fan than Nicki Minaj's ​brutal takedown yesterday, where Minaj essentially handed her fan a seat.

Another fan asked Rihanna, "did u forget about your music career?," to which RiRi accurately responded, "HOW! Y'all would never let me Lolol."

​The Fader also reports that last year Rihanna registered two new tracks on ASCAP named "Only One Who Knows" and "Phatty," with the latter rumored to be produced by reggae legend Buju Banton. Rihanna's new double-disc record will be her ninth (and tenth) studio-album to date.