Gotham is coming to a close next month and though its fate is up in the air in terms of renewal, executive producer Danny Cannon revealed "A Dark Knight: No Man's Land will change the fabric of Gotham's DNA, and serve as a reboot of the show's story."

The arc in the comics saw "No Man's Land" as a time when Gotham was isolated from the rest of world and where supervillains carved up bits and pieces of Gotham for themselves. With the last three episodes set to change Gotham as we know it, we can only assume this means that some cataclysmic event will see the rise of these villains into a new kind of power as they try to take what they can of the city.

With Season 4 already wrapped up, fans will have to wait until after the upcoming hiatus for the season to end on TV with the season (possibly series) finale airing on May 17. Whether or not the show will get renewed is still unknown, but with the fact that the show would change drastically, maybe it doesn't have to return. Perhaps a new kind of show can take its place, one that would bring the Caped Crusader to life outside of movies, take viewers and fans out of the origins, adapt more arcs, and continue to create a mythology all its own.