It's been 80 years since Superman came to comics, and 80 years later, Action Comics looks to take his story in a new direction.

More specifically, new writer (former Marvel headliner) Brian Michael Bendis is taking the reigns for the Superman story. From the brilliant creative writers like Dan Jurgens and Peter Tomasi, Bendis is looking to bring about a new change to the Man of Steel. 

In a conversation with Dan DiDio and Jim Lee, the publishers of DC Entertainment comics, the LA Times discussed the future of Superman and Bendis' direction.

“Brian [Michael Bendis]'s really going to put his mark on the character and redefine the mythology of the character,” said Lee. “That's exciting ’cause it shows that even after 80 years, there are new ways to rekindle and reignite the mythology.”

To spoil a little bit and give a little more hint into what Bendis is doing with the story, DiDio says, "(Let me spoil it a little bit.) Brian's stuff really does challenge the origin of Superman and calls in some new elements that reinterpret everything that's happened to him up until this point."

With Action Comics #1000 due for release this upcoming Wednesday (4/18), fans can expect a lot of people hitting stores to get their hands on this monumental issue and see what's new with The Man of Steel!