​Beyoncė might have gotten ​bitten in the face, but the only reason we know and care is because Beyoncė's a pretty big deal. You might not have heard about her before, but she sings "Single Ladies," and she's pretty great.

Chrissy Teigen, someone who is most definitely not a single lady, allegedly knows the identity of who bit Beyoncé's face, but she refuses to release who it was, as does her husband, singer John Legend.

What little Beyoncé news they will share, however; is that their two-year-old daughter Luna recently spoke the mega-star's name when they were in the car. "She said ‘Beyoncé‘ for the first time,” Legend told Ellen. "I feel like I should write it down in her baby book.”

Ellen wittingly replied, "Has she said Ellen yet?"

"Not yet," replied Legend. "But if I say it to her, she’ll say it back. So we’ll watch the show, and she’ll see Dada on Ellen. And then she’ll say it.”

It's still up in the air who actually bit Beyoncé, however. Legend and Teigen remain silent despite saying they were not there themselves, but apparently they know people who were there who know. Babies are known to teeth, maybe it was Luna.