​Being super famous definitely has its perks, but constantly being in the public eye has its limits as wellyou have to watch what goes online. Just because you're a celebrity doesn't mean you can't also have a "finsta," a.k.a. a fake Instagram, however; and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner seems to have figured out a way to have fun on the internet without everyone noticing.

That is until now of course, as ​PopSugar has confirmed Turner has a second Instagram account where she rates sausages, called ​​​@sophiessausagereviews

Lorde fans might remember a similar secret account idea, as the singer confirmed last year she was the proud creator of ​@onionringsworldwide, an account that rated onion rings, after fans noticed the two accounts shared multiple followers. 

The discovery of Sophie Turner's like-minded account was a little easier however, as the actor apparently had a screenshot of the sausage account featured on her main Instagram story. 

Although Lorde's @onionringsworldwide was deleted after the outing, Turner's @sophiessausagereviews is still live at the time of this article, so her favorite sausages can still be found and tried for yourself. 

Although the account has only posted seven reviews, it has since amassed 32.2k followers.