No one should ever have to face racism and misogyny, but unfortunately, that's how Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel started her week.

This level of offensive hate and this racist mentality is something that should never be tolerated, but Emmanuel handles the verbal abuse with grace and support of those fighting against the same things. Her Instagram caption read: 

"Not really the kinda post you want to put out at the start of a new week... also not here to preach.... but in case anyone was wondering what having to deal with regular misogyny and racism is like... here you go.... sending love and thanks to everyone fighting the good fight, whatever background you come from."

Not only did she take the fight to social media, shedding light on issues still prevalent to many, she also gave a shout out of support to those who deal with the same troubles. In addition to that, she didn't give this troll any additional attention, having blocked out their name in her Instagram post.

Here's to fighting the good fight and supporting women from every background! We hope her character, Missandei, does the same in the final season of Game of Thrones.